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discovering your inner dialogue

Introduction to Discovering Your Inner Dialogue

"Discovering Your Inner Dialogue" offers a peek into the human brain and how it's inner workings affect the person you are today.

From both a scientific and psychological perspective Dr Estay shares the secrets to changing those behaviours and in Modules 1 through 8 provides strategies you can easily implement to reach your full potential.

Dr. Irene Estay

With 16 years of workshops and over 2500 participants under her belt, Dr Estay's workshops are powerful and intriguing and give you knowledge and strategies that may trigger the desire of change in you and begin a more fulfilling path.

Modules 1 through 6- Discovering Your Inner Dialogue

Dr Estay provides the strategies that move individuals to a place of balance and fulfillment in their lives. She shares her process in steps that are simple to implement along with stories of change with the intent to motivate you to do the same for your life.

  • 0. Intro
  • 1. Module1 - Understanding Your Brain
  • 2. Module2 - Removing Your Limitations
  • 3. Module3 - Creating Change
  • 4 Module4 - Taking the path of fulfillment
  • 5 Module5 - Reaching for your potential
  • 6 Module6 - Trusting your new path

Here's the introduction to the modules to give you a sneak peak of Dr. Estay's work


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